Thursday, 21 July 2011

Is Indian youth capable of sustaining their traditional values?

Indian tradition has forever tried retaining their core values and topics like 'sex' is still considered offensive to discuss in open and such matters are often neglected. In news there are several new headlines which target the desi gurus of India having some involvement in several offensive acts and sex scandals. This turned out to be an embarrassment for the country. The Indian families have tried harder to safeguard their sons and daughters from getting exposed to sexually explicit material and vulgarism.

Also the modern nuclear families living in the metropolitan cities are very reluctant at talking about sex, protections, sexual disease etc in public. Even they are very serious about such issues and often children try and hide such things from parents. These Indian families have put in hard to preserve their core traditions and still modernisation takes place at a proper pace.

The efforts are quite huge but the Indian youth is still not accepting this and has favoured new changes. The youth is very opened minded and they talk about their sexual relations and affairs in public. There are numerous public lover destinations which are flooded with numerous couple spending nice time together.

The youth have had an introduction to the social networks like Facebook and explicit content through internet sources is a top reason why most of the youth is still not very sure of their traditions and try to focus their attention towards the growing popularity of western culture. There are numerous adult social channels and several adult videos providing explicit material. These sites providing adult videos have transformed the youth of the nation and have made them very much aggressive towards the conservative thoughts of their elders. These adult videos are among the main reasons why children often loose respect towards their culture and their relationships.